Action - together we are strong!

Join the team and be involved

You are enthusiastic about the idea and would like to participate? Nothing easier than that. Here are plenty of ways you can become a team member of planet Earth:

What else you can do:

  • Get involved in our partner networks
  • Connect daily with Gaia, the living Mother Earth
  • Write and share your calling’s job description
  • Invest and spend your money ethically
  • Appreciate and honor Earth in all aspects of your life
  • Feed yourself from plants from sustainable agriculture / your own garden
  • Subscribe to nourishing, inspiring news
  • Go into nature regularly, open your heart, connect and follow your calling
  • Take your next step towards living your own vocation
  • Consciously deal with money
  • Read and learn about earth-relevant topics
  • Create community where you live – live in relationship with people – build local networks
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