Gaia Is Hiring Manifesto

Our commitment for (r)evolution – are you in?


Maybe you feel resonance to the idea of Gaia Is Hiring? And you want to know if this is the right place for you? Then read our manifesto and let your heart answer. Be sure if you want to be a conscious part of Planet Earth’s team. If yes, you can give your consent in the comment box. Because the bigger the team, the bigger the influence, the bigger the impact.

Gaia Is Hiring Manifesto

Something completely different is possible – right now.
The world is full of possibilities. To discover new possibilities, we have the willingness to leave our comfort zone, to unlearn the old and the familiar and to learn and try new things. We are passionate learners and do not rest on past successes. And we do not wait until sometime in the distant future someone finds a solution somewhere. We find new possibilities – now.

We do not know how it works, but we are passionate about finding out.
No one alone can know what the future will look like. We don’t see not knowing as a disadvantage, but a quality. We use the not knowing to give space to what wants to emerge out of necessity. Fear does not stop us – on the contrary – we use our fear to create new solutions together. Joint research is part of our culture.

Humanity is able to shape a prosperous and sustainable future as part of Gaia – the consciousness of planet Earth.
We humans are part of the planet Earth ecosystem. We are part of the team. Our strong and growing awareness enables us to work together to create a more sustainable future for ourselves and other living beings than our previous way of living allows. We are aware that we are not saving the planet, but that it is about our own survival as well as that of other endangered species.

Other forms of economy are possible that aim at the common good, liveliness, and sustainability, rather than exploitation, profit maximization for a few and constant growth.
What has been working for a long time does not have to apply today. Culture is based on certain paradigms – doctrines that are recognized as given. Economy is an expression of the dominant culture. The current economic form of the modern western world, based on patriarchy (capitalism, consumerism, labor), has proved unsustainable. It is possible to use other forms of economy that are sustainable and based on other paradigms that promote common good, liveliness and sustainability.

Each person, with their gifts, talents and passions, is part of the Planet Earth Team, making an important, meaningful contribution.
The time of “wage labor” has become obsolete. It’s time for us to reconsider work. Each person carries within themselves a spark in the form of talents and passions that are of benefit to the community.

We are a team of responsible space holders – we work on eye level and take responsibility for ourselves and for what is close to our hearts.
There are no hierarchical power structures in the team of Planet Earth. Everyone is both leader and team member. Everyone holds space for what they care about and takes responsibility for developing it. We support each other and give us feedback and possibilities.

We start where we are, with what we have. We have everything we need to take the next step.
We do not wait for circumstances to change in our favor. We also do not wait until we are sure. We are now starting to implement what we care about. Because for the next step we have everything we need.

We welcome variety and create together, using different contexts, methods and teachings, whichever is useful and brings us forward.
Diversity is an important foundation for sustainability and evolution. That’s why we use a variety of different methods to work together to make our vision of a more sustainable culture a reality. Instead of competing, we use potential synergies.

Gaia Is Hiring serves the principles of love, evolution, aliveness, consciousness, stewardship and emergence.


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