Gaia Is Hiring UnConference

A vivid researcher festival over several days

The UnConference

An UnConference is a flexible and co-creative process using extraordinary meeting technologies to enable all participants to participate with enthusiasm and joy. Learning, communicating and sharing ideas happen in a dynamic and participatory way on eye level. Complex problems can be explored, relationships promoted and new forms of cooperation developed. Through the self-organizing structure, the group actively contributes to the creation of the program, supported by experienced spaceholders.

But GAIA UnConference goes even beyond. Since we can only guess what a world would look like in which we work in harmony with the planet, we have to take steps into the unknown. The spaceholders of the GAIA UnConference are trained to pave a way into the unknown, which is so wide and safe that the whole group can go there. They create a space for emergence – so that things can arise which in the sense of evolution are ready to come up.

We support each other’s further unfolding. This is pure joy happening during a four-day High-Level-Fun research festival.

Find more information: Gaia Is Hiring UnConference

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The program

Since the program is mainly created by the participants in each moment, there can be no fixed agenda. Nevertheless, we would like to give you an approximate impression of the structure and timing of the UnConference.

The time structure could look like this.

The benefit of the UnConference

As a participant of the GAIA UnConference you profit among other things by the possibility,
  • to connect with like-minded people, to share and to network and thus to be part of a growing community;
  • launch and develop heart projects for GAIA in order to bring your visions into the world and to have an impact;
  • to get inn deep personal contact with GAIA and to learn to listen with your heart and soul to what message she provides for you/us;
  • to find out where your “self-made” limitations lie and overcome them with the help of the group;
  • to find out how you work in the service of GAIA, live your calling and contribute to ecological and social regeneration;
  • and much more! See complete document
Get support for your projects:
  • develop and initiate ideas for projects together with others;
  • find a collaborators for your project, so that you work in the team instead of being a single fighter;
  • in other people’s projects; be a collaborator
  • present your project to the group.

Connect - Explore - Collaborate

We will deal with issues such as …

  • What cultural paradigms lead to the destruction of our own livelihood?
  • How can we find and change these ways of thinking within ourselves?
  • How would a culture look like in which work and life are not separate from one another?
  • How can we shift from the “survival mode” into real aliveness and what does that mean concerning money?
  • What concrete steps can each individual take to bring about this paradigm shift?

You can specify the questions which move you personally in the registration form!

Exploration Spaces

  • Spaces indoors and outdoors in nature
  • Plenary spaces and small groups spaces
  • Spaces in which we …
    – research topics and pursue questions
    – do transformative processes
    – network, share, forge alliances
    – develop and introduce projects and find collaborators
    – design and build real stuff – in a workshop
    – work in and with nature
    – learn from each other, share experiences
    – we just are with each other, relax and celebrate
    – and a lot more
  • A “process space” for personal processes.

The Hosting Team of the 2018 UnConference

Colorful as life itself. The team members come from different contexts to represent the diversity of sustainable life: Possibility Management, Art of Hosting, Nature Connection, Social Entrepreuneurship, etc.
Arne Drews

Arne Drews

Guardian of Nature Connection and Being Reminder

I am part of the Gaia UnConference team because it is my heartfelt purpose to reunite people with their true nature, our environment and each other.
In this connectedness are strength, joy of life, freedom and happiness. With passion I promote the unfolding of these treasures.

Laura Kästele

Laura Kästele

Developer of Gaia Is Hiring

Connection, appreciation, and love for all that is alive move me to put my learning and my work at the service of evolution, cultural transformation and social and ecological regeneration. Gaia Is Hiring inspires me to go my next steps, to live from my calling, to implement projects and support each other in community – for a radical (r)evolution of the working world!

Martina Unger

Martina Unger

World Connector

My name is Martina. I love GAIA. It is my heartfelt desire to encourage and support people to use their talents for a healthy earth and a sustainable future. Only together, we are powerful enough to put our visions and projects outside the mainstream into action and create new worlds.

Pamina Haussecker

Pamina Haussecker

Host for good conversations
Threshhold dancing bridge builder

Our (working) world is desperately looking for a new operating system. Unprecedented urgency means finding intelligent solutions to a multitude of man-made problems – in increasingly complex and ever-changing environments.
In nature, all solutions are available. They arise through the natural coexistence of all life, through co-creation, networking and collective intelligence. Let us remember our affiliation. Let us use the wisdom of living systems and come together. For real. For this I open and hold spaces.

Patrizia Patz

Patrizia Patz

Initiator of Gaia Is Hiring
Evolutionary Crust Blaster

Gaia Is Hiring is my heart project. Many years ago, the African shaman Malidoma Somé said to me: “You are a voice for nature, your job is to bring the magic of life back into modern culture. How could you just sign up for such a task? It’s huge.” At that time I did not know what he was talking about. Today I know it.

Rolf Schneidereit

Rolf Schneidereit

Facilitator for meaningful and community-building conversations

My mission is to contribute to a “new WE”. A WE of free individuals, in balance of personal development and the common good. As a facilitator, I accompany groups and organizations with new “social techniques” in the participative organization of their business. I’m looking forward to seeing you at “Gaia is hiring.”

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