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For people and organizations who care for the planet

Find inspired co-creators or your new purposeful job in companies and projects who care for planet earth. This is where a vivid job exchange is to be created where organizations and projects that have the topic of sustainability in their program will find enthusiastic people and vice versa. No matter if it is an internship, volunteering, a freelancer job or a full-time job. Search and find is free. If it comes to a successful connection, an amount according to your own estimation will be due to payment.

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You have a project or are part of an organization and are looking for co-creators? Then put the job you offer here. A prerequisite, of course, is that your goals and your work align with the vision of Gaia Is Hiring.

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You no longer want to make your workforce available to companies that give a damn about planet Earth? Then find your new purposeful job here.


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