Discover your calling

A workshop that brings you closer to your own nature

Two days dedicatet to your calling

We are used to do our job – day in, day out. Without thinking much about it, we spend most of our time making money to survive. We adapt as best we can to the ruling labor market, even if that means denying a part of our self. And so we are mostly surviving, but our soul hungers. It hungers for meaningfulness, for calling and for making a contribution according to our own talents and gifts.

Perhaps you have long felt the deep desire to live your destiny and discover your vocation? Are you ready to take action and take the first step? This workshop is like a starting shot that sets you in motion. Like treasure hunters, we embark on an adventure to find the hidden treasures (talents, abilities, qualities, desires, etc.) and to become clear about our individual calling. We also deal with limiting thinking and behavior patterns, which keep you from stepping on to your authentic path. The group offers a strong team, which offers each participant support and integration through effective communication and feedback.

You are needed in the world

Who or what are you? We’re not talking about the job you might have learned at some point – because that’s just one possible way of expressing what you are. When you find out who or what you are, then you automatically place yourself in a larger context. Into the context of destiny, for your being here probably has a purpose, an intention. Life and evolution usually do not waste resources. So why should they waste your qualities?

Maybe you are a

  • Pattern-breaker
  • Bridge builder
  • Evolution Architect
  • Way-maker
  • Peace-Bringer
  • Culture Engineer
  • Economy and community innovator
  • Clarity-Bringer
  • Initiation and transformation companion
  • Truth-speaker
  • Life-lawyer
  • Wound healer
  • Sustainability inventor

In this workshop, you have the opportunity to find out and to put yourself at the service of something bigger than yourself.

The logistics

Duration: 2 days, each from 09:00 to 18:00 h

Fee: 450,00 Euro (tax included / plus food)


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