The Gaia Is Hiring Campus

Learning what is really necessary to live sustainably and consciously


At school we learn interesting things, but they do not prepare us for real life. For example, we learn nothing about how to live relationship, how to find and live our calling, or how to deal sustainably with the planet. So at the end of our school career we know chemical formulas and the highlights of our history, we can calculate square roots and analyze texts. However, we do not know where our food comes from, how the clothes we wear is produced, how to handle emotions and resolve conflicts or create a compost heap.

That’s why we offer alternative learning pathways here on the campus – EdgeUcation – education on the edge of the ordinary. There are very different offers, from individual workshops to trainings and training series, to unconferences and online congresses, to learn what is really needed and to develop together what does not yet exist. There’s sure something for you too.

The Gaia UnConference

A vivid researcher festival over several days

Workshop: Discover Your Calling

2 days dedicated to your calling

Training programs and edgeucations

Discover interesting alternatives to the ordinary education system

Coaching & Mentoring

Individual Coaching for people and organizations

Online Events

Learning and discovering from where you are

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