Become a team member of planet Earth!

For a world in harmony with man and nature


Our current culture of life and work is adapted to an economic system that exploits man and nature and is based on the principles of competition, infinite growth and profit maximization. It is time to fundamentally change this unnatural and suicidal paradigm. GAIA IS HIRING is a worldwide movement committed to a purposeful culture in harmony with Man and Planet Earth. Together we find new ways, launch projects and connect like-minded people. Together we change the world! Are you in?


Meet like-minded people to develop ideas for sustainably living together.


Support projects with ideas, work or money


Learn what you didn’t learn at school, but what you need for living a sustainable life

Gaia Jobs

Find inspired co-workers or your new purposeful job at organizations/ projects,who care for Planet Earth

Everything started with an idea

If GAIA published a job ad – what would she be looking for?

Out of an impuls the Possibility Management Trainer, Patrizia Patz, published a job ad in the name of GAIA, the living planet Earth – and received amazing feedback. Encouraged by the quantity of applications she gathered a team of like minded people to start a movement in order to profoundly change the way we think about and live work.

The Gaia UnConference

A vivid researcher festival over several days

Perhaps you already attended a conference were bored? One thing is sure: an UnConference is everything but boring! Over several days a co-creative process is enrolling, where everyone can actively take part with engagement and joy. Learning from each other, conversations and sharing of ideas happen in a dynamic way and on eye level. We will research about complex problems, support relationships and let new forms of co-creation emerge. By the self-organizing structure everyone contributes to the creation of the agenda, supported by experienced space holders. Like this a space of emergence can open up – so what is ripe in the sense of evolution can happen and unfold.

Edge-ucation in the Gaia Campus

Learn what you really need for a sustainable, healthy and happy life

To change the world we have to grow beyond ourselfs and beyond the limits of what we learned in school. School does not necessarily teach us, what is needed at the moment or in the future. School teaches us what is in the schedule. and this schedule is still mostly focused on a culture, which in a wide range does not work anymore.

What if there are ways, where you can learn exactly what is important for you and what you need for a self determined and sustainable life, to become a team member of planet Earth?

Patrizia Patz
Patrizia Patz

Initiator of Gaia is Hiring

“One of the biggest problems is that we believe we need a job in a company in order to survive.
Actually it is the opposite. A company needs the workforce of their people to survive.  
If we stopped working for companies, which exploit people and nature, we could change the world. 
It is time that planet Earth becomes our employer. There is so much to do for everyone of us, to create a sustainable culture together.